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Ok I was wrong. And boy was I wrong. *shakes head*

I was right about one thing though. Dwayne Wade didn’t manage to score over 40 but that didn’t matter. Dwayne Wade scored 36 but he could have scored 20 and the Heat would have still won. The Mavs were murdered, steam-rolled, overhelmed, and even pwned (The online gamer in me reaches out to describe the fate of the Mavs). The score was 98-74, a game I think would qualify as the worst game the Mavs ever played all season long. The series is now tied at 2-2.

In past games we’ve seen the Mavericks suffer from poor shooting percentages of individual players, even Dirk Nowitzki. If you look at the stat sheet of the game you’d notice the poor shooting bug afflicted everyone. The Mavs shot 31% from the field as a team. It’s an ugly sight. Dirk went 2-14 from the field and 1-5 from the arc. Howard went 1-8. I won’t even bother posting the percentages of the other Mavericks. It just breaks my heart.

How does an offensively gifted team go 31%? Well it’s either evry single Mav went cold or the Heat just played excellent defense. The latter seems more believable and that’s in fact what happened! The Mavs lost becuase of Wade’s unstoppable offense and the Heat’s tight team defense. It’s the perfect combination for success!

I hate to say it but the Heat now have the slight advantage now. The winning momentum is on their side and the series is tied. The next game is still in Miami so home court advantage is theirs. These last two games and especially this one has proven to the world that the Heat cannot be written off and that they are just as good if not better than the Mavs. It’s anybody’s ball game now. We just need to wait and see whose luck runs out first.

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