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Nobody has ever come back from a 3-0 series and won. It’s probably something the Miami Heat thought about coming into game 3. They were down 2-0 and a loss at this point, especially at home, would have spelled doom for the Heat. Game 3 was a must win game and that they did, battling it against the Mavs until the end. The Heat won 98-96! The series is now 2-1, not 3-0.

It was a game full of tension for all Miami Heat fans. It finally looked as if the two teams were evenly matched as the lead swayed back and forth for both teams as the game went on. Up until the final seconds of the game the game was up for grabs when the game tied at 95-95. It’s amazing how Gary Payton never scored the entire game and then suddenly pulls up for his only shot attempt and makes it to break the tie and put the Heat ahead by 2. Dirk Nowitzki could have evened the score once again but suddenly the guy who never usually missed his free throws missed 1 out of his 2 with 3.4 seconds left. That was the end for Dallas. Wade went to the line with 1.4 to go and also went 1-2. Wade deflected a lob to Josh Howard and it was over. The Heat conclude an amazing game.

Though Gary Payton was the guy to thank for his late game shot attempt to break that tie, Dwayne Wade was THE guy in this game. He scored an amazing 42 points, his post season scoring record for his career so far. He also grabbed 13 rebounds. Shaq added 16 points adn 11 rebounds, while Antoine Walker and Jason Williams added 12 points. Wade had great support in this game as he willed to win this game.

This Heat victory sends a message across that they shouldn’t be written off. It’s not yet over for them. For me, this victory just makes the series more exciting but nothing really decisive. The Mavericks are still ahead. There are 3 more games and the mavs only need 2 more victories. I’m not sure if Dwayne Wade will be able to pull off 42 again. Will Shaq be as productive or will he revert back to the 5 point scoring free throw missing Shaq he was in game 2? The Mavs only lost by 2 points. If Dirk made that 1 free throw the game would probably have been won. And Jerry Stackhouse wasn’t very productive in this game scoring 4 points in 1-9 shooting. If Stack was able to have a good game, not even Wade’s 42 would have won the game for the Heat. Look out for the revenge of the Mavericks in game 4!

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  1. archangel joseph Says:

    Hope, Hope! There is Hope?

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