So Allen Iverson got traded to the Denver Nuggets just recently and it’s timely too since the Nuggets will need a scoring punch since Melo and JR Smith, the Nuggets’ top scorers are out due to suspensions. But when everything normalizes the team will be faced with a few issues that need to be addressed.

The trade brings Iverson, the current second leading scorer in the league with Carmelo Anthony the current leading scorer in the league. With the top two scorers in the league together in one team, the Nuggets could be the most lethal scoring team if they learn to work together and know their roles. But Melo and A.I. have a history of hogging the ball, which could lead to a problem in the offensive end and tension between the players. With Andre Miller gone, Iverson will have to play the point guard spot and he has to realize that he has more help in Denver than he did with the Sixers so he doesn’t need to take all the shots. Unless both A.I. and Anthony realize that they need to share the ball, then Iverson will not be The Answer in Denver.

This will be a test if both stars, who reputations for being a ball hog, will be able to trust the other star into making the shot when necessary. Let’s see.

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