I was out the whole day when the Knicks and the Nuggets had an amazing brawl at Madison Square Garden and it’s too bad I wasn’t able to see it live. Thanks to Youtube though I WAS able to see it

Ten players, including NBA scoring leader Carmelo Anthony, were ejected during an on-court incident near the end of Saturday night’s game between the Denver Nuggets and New York Knicks.

All 10 players on the court at the time were tossed for their involvement in the incident that spread across the court and spilled into the crowd at Madison Square Garden.

NBA.com 12/16/06

The thing that I find cool about this brawl (forgive me David Stern for finding it cool) is that all 10 players on the floor were ejected including the Nuggets’ star Carmelo Anthony. Even during the the Palace brawl in Detroit back in 2004 not all 10 players were involved though some bench guys did.

Carmelo issues an apology here about the incident.

Oh yeah, out of all the excitement I forgot to mention that the Nuggets beat the Knicks 123-100. Melo had 34 points.

Here’s the youtube video I saw:

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