This season feels different not only because it’s the first season wherein no rookie drafted was a high school player (because of the new collective bargaining agreement rules) but also because of two changes: The new NBA ball and the “no tolerance” policy in officiating. The players feel offended that Commissioner David Stern implemented both changes without consulting them.

While the new ball is an issue, the players are starting to get used to it. The more serious issue is the tighter officiating which affects the way players react in an emotional circumstance.

“It takes away from your natural reaction, the things that make basketball what it is,” said Jerry Stackhouse, the Mavericks’ player representative. “You think Bill Bradley never hit the support after he was called for a foul? That’s the model citizen of all former NBA players. It’s just a natural thing to do.”

SI 12/1/06

The game of basketball is an emotional sport and player’s reactions are fueled by that emotion. Unfortunately, the tighter officiating and the zero tolerance (aka no whining) policy could interpret a harmless but emotionally fueled reaction as a whine and the player gets hit with a technical. That bring us to another issue.

players are fined $1,000 for each of their first five technicals. The fine increases by $500 for each five after that, capped by a $2,500 penalty for each one starting with the 16th. A one-game suspension also comes at that point and for every other technical thereafter.

Tighter officiating means more technicals and that means more fines. This combination really makes it seem now that the NBA is milking its players of their money. Conspiracy theory anyone? *horns*

Personally I’m sure that David Stern means well. It’s just that his methods make him look like some power hungry dictator. When it comes to decisions that will affect players with such magnitude, the players really need to consulted. I’m with the players this time since it seems like the players’ trust has been abused.

4 Responses to “Players Association File Charges Against NBA For New Ball, Tight Officiating”

  1. Love & Basketball Says:

    Stephen A Smith’s opinion on all this was interesting, noting that Player Union president/leader Billy Hunter was the negligent one in not making sure these details/rules were established during the bargaining agreement.

  2. David Stef Says:

    I feel this new officiating is horrible. They are calling the game way to close and making the game less fun to watch. The flow of the games is not as good as it has been in years past.

    Also this new zero tolerance policy is disguisting. The NBA is punishing it’s players because they are showing emotion. As a fan I love to see emotion, it makes the games better to watch.

  3. Matt Keegan Says:

    Well, the way I look at it: it is their game. The players should determine what ball is used, establish and enforce the rules, etc. Maybe it is time for a new league ala the old ABA!

  4. SPORTS NEWS » Injuries From New Ball? Says:

    […] The new NBA ball is bugging so many of the players that the Players Association is suing the NBA for it. But that’s another story. It seems that Dirk Nowitzki of the Mavericks has attributed another bad feature to the notorious new ball - it seems to be causing injuries! The Mavs’ leading scorer has developed a gash on the top of his left middle finger the size of a paper cut. It’s happened twice this season, and his finger was bleeding before Monday night’s game against Washington. […]

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