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Is it just me or the box scores of the games are gone from the game results? If it’s there I can’t find it anywhere. changed this part of their website design and i personally think it has changed for the worse. I want to see the stats of each player on both teams for every game and this current design just doesn’t show that or if it does it’s so hard to find. So much for a user friendly website NBA! Looks like the website has followed suit with all the other changes - the tighter officiating and the new ball. You’re changing the ball in January. Change the website back!

2 Responses to “, Where Are The Box Scores?!!”

  1. Grey Says:

    I can’t see the boxscores in that print screen but they should be between the pic and the results. Today I checked them without problems.

  2. Angelo Says:

    Maybe they go lots of similar complaints about this. My screenshot is proof that they left it out at one point. Good thing they put it now.

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