So the rumor goes that if Lebron doesn’t sign a contract extension with the Cavaliers this off-season, he’s going to New Jersey after the 2008 season.

James’ $100 million deal with Nike doubles if he plays in Chicago, L.A. or New York. Source

I believe this rumor is exactly that, a rumor. With the Cavaliers’ post season success, I seriously doubt Lebron would want to leave. Lebron just isn’t that type of a player who would abandon his team for more money. And there’s no way the Cavs would allow their franchise player to bolt for another team. They’ve learned from the Carlos Boozer incident all too well.

2 Responses to “Rumor: Lebron to New Jersey?”

  1. archangel joseph Says:

    Maybe Lebron is more of a gentleman than one would give him credit for. Not like others who are in the game for the “funds” of it. Errr….fun?

  2. Andrew Says:

    Lebron is not leaving Cleveland and New York, L.A., and Chicago just wish that because their teams are not doing as good as the Cavaliers. July 1st that rumor will be crushed when Lebron signs the 5 year 75 million dollars contract. He doesn’t need more money he is set for life. Lebron is not that kind of person. His goal is to bring Cleveland a Title and he will not leave until that goal is complete. Even if he gets a Championship in Cleveland he will want another.

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