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Dirk Nowitzki. He’s a freak of nature (in a good way) - a monster. That’s why many teams are looking out for the next Dirk to come out of Europe. His accuracy from anywhere on the floor and especially beyond the arc coupled with his size and rebounding ability makes him a matchup nightmare for anyone. The Larry Bird comparison is still a long shot but if guys like incoming rookie Adam Morrison can be compared to him, Dirk comes closer than anyone in or entering the league right now.


Let’s meet the man behind the monster, Holger Geschwindner, who trained Dirk starting age 16. Without this man, the Mavericks wouldn’t be where they are now. Without this man, Dirk wouldn’t be the player he is. It was he who saw that raw potential Dirk had to be a great player. (Story)

“He taught me everything, he taught me all of the moves but also how to handle myself on and off the court. He’s been like a second father to me. I learned pretty much everything from him.”

It was Geschwindner who thought of giving Dirk that outside shooting edge that he now uses with great precision.

“We knew one thing: A 7-footer who can play a little defense and is skinny has no chance in the NBA,'’ Geschwindner said. “So we had to demonstrate that he could do something they never had seen before - a 7-footer who could shoot 3-pointers.'’

It’s interesting to find out about the genius who designed Dirk’s game to have a unique selling point. Now Dirk does not just do as well as other big men but in fact dominates them.

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