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Ever since the Sixers stopped making the playoffs the Allen Iverson trade rumors have always been rampantly circulating, especially just before the trade deadline period and the offseason. I’ve heard a lot in the past such as an Iverson for Vince Carter deal when Vince was still a Raptor. Now there’s a new one that involves the Boston Celtics.

Iverson is an excellent and talented player but unfortunately he’s also the type of star that wants the ball in his hands a lot and he’s also a problem for a lot of coaches. The thing is Philadelphia seems to be the perfect place for him and I think any team that wants to acquire him should understand this. He has expressed his wish to remain a Sixer for his entire career. He has a wonderful relationship with his coach Maurice Cheeks who he respects. It’s a rare opportunity for the Sixers to have a coach Iverson absolutely loves to play for. He also has a great bond with the other A.I. Andre Iguodala. Given these circumstances, you can be absolutely sure we’ll see anger, disappointment, and outrage if ever he gets traded to another team.

My advice to the Sixers, just keep him. He’s been the face of your franchise for about the last 10 years and he’s brought the team to high places that it’s never been to since the time of Julius Erving and Charles Barkley. Is trading him against his will anyway to pay the guy his much deserved respect? Absolutely not! Charles Barkley almost never forgave the Phoenix Suns for trading him to the Houston Rockets. Is that what the Sixers want to happen? Iverson is getting older but like Jason Kidd, he’s not really getting any slower. He’s still got a lot of gas in him and with the young talent coming in, the team will only get better. Just keep the guy, darnit!

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  1. Rico Says:

    Sometimes I worry for the guy; it looks like he’s literally playing himself to death!

  2. Steven Baldassari Says:

    Ok guys anyone saying you shouldn’t get a Kobe type player for A.I. is not very intelligent when it comes to basketball. A.I. is a Kobe but older so yes that takes away from what the 76ers will be able to get for him. He needs to be traded. Your team is as bad as my Boston Celtics and you have better players. If I was him I would want to come to Boston. We love Allen here. Him mingled with our young talent and Paul “The Truth” Pierce would be a force to be reconned with. He is a selfish player but only because for so long Philly has done nothing besides signing a broken down Webber to help A.I. win. If I was him I would have been gone a long time ago. I have alot of respect that he has stuck with it and stayed loyal for so long. However, you got to know when to hold em’, know when to fold em’…know when to walk away, know when to run! RUN ALLEN RUN TO BOSTON AND DON’T STOP ALONG THE WAY! WE NEED YOUR HELP AND FAST! GO CELTICS!!!!

  3. NBA Obsessed » AI Off The Market Says:

    […] The whole time Iverson was being mentioned in deals especially with the Boston Celtics, I felt all disgusted about it. I even made a post about it before, saying the Sixers should just keep him. Well that’s what eventually happened since Sixers GM Billy King announced AI is not being dealt anywhere anymore. He’s off the market. He’s staying! “Allen and I have talked about it, and he wants to be here and is excited to be playing for us.” […]

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