With the way the Suns (and also the Mavericks) have been winning lately it’s quite hard to believe that they had a REALLY rocky start at the beginning of the season. They have had the really long winning streaks before and by beating the Hawks 115-106 they are 13-0 against the East on the road. The reason why the Suns are having a much easier time winning games this season is Amare Stoudemire, who came back from micro fracture surgery and missed most of last season. The dunk against the Hawks shows everyone once and for all that he really has his athleticism back as he flies to the rim for the nasty dunk. Oh yeah, Amare also exploded for 43 points 16 rebounds 6 assists and 3 blocks! What a guy! This dunk is so cool it needs to featured.

Even the high flying Josh Smith of the hawks has praise for the explosive Amare

“He’s a beast,” said Atlanta’s Josh Smith, who traded powerful jams with Stoudemire in the third period but couldn’t keep pace with the Suns’ high-scoring center.

“He attacks the rim hard,” Smith said. “He doesn’t stop. No matter how you defend him, he comes back for more.”

ESPN 2/25/07

Enjoy the dunk!

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  1. Ryan Says:

    I caught part of the game last night and Amare is so much stronger than anyone Atlanta has that it just seemed like he was playing a bunch of guys in high school.

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