Dwayne Wade went out with a pretty serious injury a few days ago with a dislocated left shoulder and he has to decide on treatment soon. A season ending surgery is one of the options, which will surely put an end to those dreams of repeating a championship this year. The way I see it, even if it will end Wade’s season it’s still the best bet and the path for him to take.

The Miami Heat has been plagued by injuries all season long thus far, including the one that sidelined Shaq or a good part of the season. Right now the Heat has fallen back under the .500 mark yet they still currently hold the 8th spot in the Eastern Conference. With Wade out, I’d be surprised if they could still hold that spot, much less go any higher. Even if they do manage to barely make the playoffs, they will surely be clobbered by the likes of the Pistons unless Wade is a 100% if he is at all available. I’m not saying the Heat should give up. I’m saying they should face the facts. The season is going badly anyway so they might as well plan for the future by using the rest of this tragic season to get Wade back into shape. Wade should only play again if he’s a 100% or else he’ll probably re injure himself and he’ll be worse off and be out for even longer. Sidelining Wade for the rest of the season so he can have this surgery will only make things better for Wade in the long run.

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