With the trade deadline coming up really soon, the biggest news being talked about is the potential Jason Kidd trade. The New Jersey Nets star has been the object of Lakers coach Phil Jackson’s affections and he’s hoping real bad that he gets him on a purple and gold uniform by the time the deadline expires.

Jason Kidd has been a star point guard for so many years, impressing many ever since he entered the league. He won co-rookie of the year together with Grant Hill in the 1994-1995 season and he’s been to the NBA finals a couple of times. He knows what it takes to win and with Phil Jackson as his coach Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom and the other impressive Lakers as his team mates, he just might get his chance to win it all. At least the thought of them together should give Jackson a lot of ideas if the trade pushes through. The Lakers are weakest at the point guard spot with Smush Parker not really a great play maker and his well known defense seems to be slipping lately. Rookie Jordan Farmar is still not good enough to start but the potential is still intriguing. This is why bringing Jason in is a good idea - at least if the Lakers want to win now.

The long term effects of bringing in Jason is what I’d be worried about if I was asked to pull the trigger on the deal. Already, Jason Kidd is feeling the effects on getting older. He’s getting injured more often (he’s injured now) and down the road he just might be some perennially injured guy with a fat contract. Look at the heat. they brought in Shaq, they won a championship but they also have to deal with him getting injured so often. The deal for Jason will most likely involve Jordan Farmar, who I thought would be the Lakers point guard if the future. If he gets involved in this deal, the Lakers will never benefit from him getting better years from now.

In short, the deal is great if they manage to make the most out of Jason being there. They should settle for no less than a championship with him there or else the deal would never really achieve its purpose. If they get him they should use him now or they’ll suffer down the road. The consolation is that the Lakers are a greatly managed franchise and they always seem to rebound from losing seasons really quickly so obviously the Lakers should get the better end of the deal when put in that context. So yeah, I guess the Lakers should get Jason!

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  1. Ryan Says:

    A deal for Kidd is a ticket seller at best. He’s not a game breaker anymore, and I can’t think of any team in contention that it would make sense to make a deal.

    It would be fun to see Kidd and Bryant together, but I think it does more harm than good in regards to chemistry (see the Nuggets w/ Iverson/Anthony).

    Maybe in a year will it be a formidable duo, but it’d only make sense for a team to trade for Kidd to sell tickets, which at this point in the game no one is trying to do.

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