Towards the end of the first quarter of the the Rockets-Cavaliers game, star Tracy McGrady left the game for good after getting a mild concussion from taking an elbow from teammate Dikembe Mutombo.

McGrady was running to help Mutombo guard LeBron James, who drove to the basket and got fouled after McGrady went down.

McGrady lied still on the floor for a minute, then got up with his hand over his face and walked to the bench.

Sports Line 12/02/06

Mutombo’s elbows should be registered as lethal weapons since this isn’t the first time he’s hurt someone with them. During the game, Cavs star Lebron James asked about T-mac’s condition, perhaps as a sign of concern since he understood first hand what it’s like to take an elbow from Mutombo. Two seasons ago (January 2005) , Lebron took an elbow from Mutombo which caused a bone in his face to break. Because of this, Lebron had to wear a face mask for a while to protect him from further injury to that area. This time it was a teammate who was a casualty so it makes the incident a bit more unfortunate. It’s a good thing McGrady only had a grade 1 concussion so it’s not really serious. Mutombo should be more careful when swinging those elbows next time!

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