It’s a relief to know that the rumors about the Grizzlies looking to trade their star Pau Gasol isn’t true. I already had a strong feeling that they were one of those stupid rumors but with the NBA so complicated these days and with all the surprises, you really can’t tell what to expect.

With the Grizzlies struggling quite a bit early on, rumors about coach Fratello being on the hot seat, and the sale of the majority owner Michael Heisley’s 70% share to Laettner and company, things are really a bit messed up enough to spring such a rumor about Gasol. From Heisly himself,”

There’s no damn way that anybody is going to trade Pau Gasol,” Heisley said, his voice booming through the telephone. “I’m telling you that ain’t going to happen. That’s out the window.”

Memphis Commercial Appeal 11/29/06

With Pau Gasol’s maturation as their true star, it really would have been stupid to trade him. He’s injured now but he’s still pretty young and he’ll be back to full form when he recovers. Gasol has been great for the Grizzlies for years but his earlier days saw him struggling to reach star status. Now is the time he’s at his peak and trading him now would really have been stupid since all those years waiting for Gasol to reach his current form would be all for naught and another team would be the one to benefit from that.

Gasol has been following the rumors so he should be happy to know he’s not going anywhere. Now he can focus on getting back to the court as soon as possible to help his team.

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