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Spurs’ Big Three Come Out Big Against Jazz

by Angelo on May 21st, 2007

“Going To Work” is the motto the Detroit Pistons use especially since it caters to their blue collar fans. But I think it fits very well with the San Antonio Spurs as well, especially as they went to work and got the job done against the Utah Jazz 108-100 in game 1 of the western Conference Finals. For most of the game, the Spurs’ Big Three Duncan, Parker and Ginobili managed to keep the Spurs up with a very comfortable lead until the Jazz managed to give the Spurs quite a scare late in the game. Thankfully the Spurs managed to hang on thanks to good play for most of the game.

Tim Duncan led the team in scoring with 27 points to go with his 10 rebounds while Parker added 21 points. Manu Ginobili had another great game with 23 points and 10 assists. For the Jazz, Carlos Boozer posted 20 points and grabbed 12 rebounds while the young Deron Williams exploded for 34 points to keep the score close at the end of the game despite trailing by a lot for most of the game.

Tony Parker says it all about the story of this series:

“In Game 2, they’re going to be ready,” Parker said. “The way they played in the second half, that’s what we will see the whole series. We need to make sure we match that.”

ESPN 5/20/07

The important thing is that the Spurs won this game and know that they need to watch it and play even better basketball in the next game. If the Jazz continue to play this kind of basketball, this series will be an interesting one indeed. We’ve seen this young Jazz team come from not making the playoffs last year to making it and going all the way to the conference finals. We’re seeing young guys like Deron Williams grow up and play like a playoff veteran in his sophomore year and in only his first time in the post season! But you know very well that the Spurs have the upper hand here with experience and a few championships on their side. Enjoy the series!


2 opinions for Spurs’ Big Three Come Out Big Against Jazz

  • Darlene
    May 26, 2007 at 9:06 pm

    Good day Angelo,

    I just discovered your blog, are you new here at b5? Just launched? Or have I been asleep about this blog?

    First I am an NBA fan, second I am a fellow blogger. I had to search through your posts to find out if you were writing about the Utah Jazz. If you check out my blog you will understand I have a passion for purple and the Jazz in their old days use to be in purple.

    Any way to the current series, I am sad they have lost, but I am a “True Blue” fan and I shall vote for them throughout the series. I am proud to see them back in the playoffs this season. I can tell you that I was living in Utah throughout the John Stockton, Karl Malone days. And I was a fan that found a way to get to as many games as I could. I was there during the triple overtime when Michael Jordan was ejected. Sitting in a box seat at that game in the Delta center.

    I remember the first time they went to the finals and played the bulls. When John Stockton hit the 3, I was screaming, crying and speechless. I went to the airport in the middle of the night to greet them when they came home!

    As you can tell I can go on and on, but I wanted you to know you picked up a new reader. I will be back to check on you and ensure you are giving the Jazz their due!

  • Angelo
    May 27, 2007 at 7:43 pm

    Hi Darlene. I’ve been blogging here ever since it launched early last year. In fact I just celebrated my one year blogversary last March. I’m surprised you never noticed this blog. But anyway, I’m happy there’s another NBA fan in the network!

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