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Spurs Are Western Conference Champs Again!

by Angelo on May 31st, 2007

When the Utah Jazz had their one victory of the series they totally pounded the Spurs so the Spurs gave back the favor as they pounded the Jazz to elimination in game 5. The Spurs won 109-84 as they become Western Conference Champs and reach the NBA Finals once again.

It wasn’t a pretty sight for the Jazz who saw the Spurs get their groove on at the start of the game. They sent a message to the Jazz early on that there’s no way they’d allow this game to slip away and go back to Utah where’s might go ugly. They took control and the Jazz seemed to get the message as if the game was taken out of them. Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer never played well enough to reach their usual numbers and the rest of the team followed suit except for Andrei Kirilenko who scored 13 points and grabbed 5 boards.

But as I’ve said before, losing to the Spurs is in no way shameful especially considering the team’s background. They were a young team that didn’t even make the playoffs since Stockton and Malone were there. For a young inexperienced team to not only get past the first round but to make the Spurs work for their wins, that’s a scary thought and everyone knows what kind of force they will be once they get better.

“We feel good about having beaten them now,” Popovich said. “It’s just going to get more difficult for everybody as they spend more time together.”

ESPN 5/30/07

Eliminating the Jazz early gives the Spurs some time to rest while waiting for the winner of the Eastern Conference Finals. The series is currently tied at 2-2 so that gives them significant time to recharge their batteries and that could prove an advantage (or not if they lose to much momentum) once they meet their opponent, who might get worn out from a grueling series. The Pistons are the favored team to win (but the Cavs tying the series might have changed people’s minds) and with the way the Pistons have been playing I don’t think they’re fit to face the the Spurs assuming they reach the Finals. Whoever will face the Spurs must look at this win against the Jazz as a sign that the Spurs mean business and that they will settle for nothing less but a championship. Beware!


1 opinion for Spurs Are Western Conference Champs Again!

  • Sean
    Jun 1, 2007 at 12:48 am

    we may as well let the pistons win the east then, and have another boring unwatched nba finals with record low ratings. Hell, we may as well be like the nhl and put it on an unwatched tv channel like the VERSE channel that the stanley cup finals are on. if the cavs dont make it to the finals, the nba will lose a lot of viewers. watching the pistons and spurs is like watching 1950’s technical basketball. It’s not exciting.

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