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Spurs Advance To Conference Finals, Eliminate Suns With Game 6 Loss

by Angelo on May 19th, 2007

A few years ago I told myself that the San Antonio Spurs management is doing one heck of a job keeping the club constantly up there with the best of them and that they will continue to be a model franchise for years to come. Fast forward to today, the Spurs enter the Western Conference Finals once again and are on the way to possibly the fourth championship in franchise history. Early on, people were saying that the Mavericks or the Suns could win it all this year but this shows that the Spurs are never to be forgotten when you talk championship every year.

The Suns played pretty well in this 6th game of the series but still lot 114-106. The Spurs just played better! The Spurs recognized that if they allowed the Suns to win that game, they might lose their chance to win. But more than that, they showed that they can rise to the occasion and win against a team with Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw back from suspension rather than just barely winning against a short handed Sun team as they did in game 5. The usual suspects - Duncan, Ginobili and parker - exploded for monster performances to lift the Spurs over the Suns. While Duncan posted excellent numbers of 24 points, 13 rebounds and a whopping 9 blocks, Manu Ginobili also outdid himself with 33 points and 11 rebounds.

The way the Spurs played in this game shows that they are ready to face the Utah Jazz in the Conference Finals. They fought and defeated an excellent ball club in the Suns. The Jazz shouldn’t be any more difficult. In fact, with the way the Spurs have been playing lately, I think they’re even ready to face and defeat the Pistons or the Cavaliers for the NBA Finals. As early as now I can say the Spurs should start ordering those rings!


2 opinions for Spurs Advance To Conference Finals, Eliminate Suns With Game 6 Loss

  • Sean
    May 20, 2007 at 9:53 pm

    I think the finals will lose a lot of viewers if its another detroit/spurs showdown. those two teams just arent as exciting to watch. I feel that utah and the cavs making it to the finals would be best for the league.

  • Shogun
    May 24, 2007 at 6:53 am

    The NBA: “I love this game, but not anymore”

    With the wonderful handling of the officiating in the NBA in general I believe its time for the fans to take action. For those who watched the Suns / Spurs series I must say that it had the worst officiating in the history of professional sports. At least in the opinion of myself and many others. I could give a laundry list of examples but this isn’t a gripe email. The fact is that to win a championship in the NBA you must not possess skill, speed, or ability. You must possess thugs to hammer better players to the ground. You must beat the crap out of your opponents, and you must use third string players to hammer superstars in front of their bench. This is what makes a champion in the NBA. Sad but True.

    The rules are enforced to favor the teams that approach this style of full contact basket ball. I’m not watching basket ball, I’m watching the old Arnold Schwarzenegger movie The Running Man, except the good guy looses.

    I personally am going to boycott the NBA until further notice. This is no longer a game of skill that centers around putting the ball in the basket. It is a boxing match that centers around the strategy of how to most effectively hit and assault the other team. My personal message to David Stern… “I love this game, but not anymore”

    Boycott the NBA. National “Boxing” Association

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