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Suns Have Ray of Hope In Spite Of Game 5 Loss

by Angelo on May 18th, 2007

With the suspensions of Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw served during game 5 of the series, the Phoenix Suns were left shorthanded and as expected they lost 88-85 as the Spurs now lead 3-2. But this loss tells of hope for the Suns and their fans!

I’m talking about how close the score was in spite of losing their top scorer in Amare and a key reserve in Boris Diaw. With those two out I expected the game to be sort of a blowout but it turns out it was only a 3 point deficit at the end of the game. In fact the Suns led throughout most of the game but could not close out as the Spurs unleashed their push during the fourth quarter. This gives the Suns some kind of hope and confidence they need facing elimination in game 6.

The facts are Boris Diaw and Amare will be back for game 6 while the Spurs will not have Robert Horry still to make any clutch plays for them. Game 6 will also be in Phoenix so the Suns will have the advantage of playing at home with the home fans supporting them. If the Suns can play at the same level as they did in game 5 and with Amare and Boris back, I think the Suns have the makings of a victory right there. Given these circumstances, it makes you wonder how much more different things could be now if not for the suspensions. Perhaps the Suns would have been in a position to close out the series in the next game but instead they risk going home.


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