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Kobe Bryant may be traded from Lakers

by james on October 14th, 2007

NBA Obsessed takes you into the hit and run game of NBA Basketball.

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Kobe Bryant is dreaming of an NBA Title

Last spring Kobe asked to be traded. That did not work.

So, Kobe begged to be traded. That did not work.

Kobe mentioned that there was not enough talent around him and if the GM could add some good players, then Kobe would want to stay and bring a title to LA.

Like the proverbial lead balloon, Kobe’s teammates did not take too kindly to his analysis.

The owner, Jerry Buss, tried and tried to get Kevin Garnett, but to no avail as he ended up in Boston playing with the long time Celtic, Paul Pierce.

The pre-season started and Kobe wisely shut his trap. He knew he would have to play the hand that was dealt him. There would be no deals.

What is Kobe to do?

Now Jerry Buss is back at it again.

Jerry Buss has already shown that he’ll part with superstars. Yet upon hearing that the Los Angeles Lakers‘ owner would consider trading Kobe Bryant, even Shaquille O’Neal was shocked.

“I guess it’s business before loyalty. But, wow. He said that?” O’Neal said Thursday in Miami after learning Buss told reporters he would trade Bryant under the right circumstances.

Buss indeed did, telling three Los Angeles-area beat writers covering training camp in Honolulu on Wednesday that he “would certainly listen” to trade offers for the two-time NBA scoring champion. source

The Lakers made Kobe very rich right after they traded Shaq to the Miami Heat.

Bryant has four years worth $88.6 million left on the seven-year contract he signed a day after O’Neal was traded, but can terminate the deal in two years. That would leave $47.8 million on the table.

But Kobe wants to win a title. Bryant would love to win that title for the Lakers. It would be so sweet, but if that is not going to happen, then Kobe would like a trade to where he can win a NBA Championship.

The previous titles were on the back of Shaquille O’neal. Kobe wants to prove he can win one without the Shaq.

Keep in mind, Shaq won a title after he left for Miami and did it with a young Dwyane Wade and not much else. This is what Kobe wants. He wants to leave his mark and time is running out.

Even though Kobe is only 29, he is going into his 12th season and that is a lot of pounding on his knees and ankles. Some people believe Kobe is comparable to a 33 year old in the NBA, because of the pounding.

So for this year Kobe will be stuck on a not very talented Laker team and spend his time hoping and hoping for the chance at a title.

NBA Basketball Fan Question Will Kobe make the playoffs this year?

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4 opinions for Kobe Bryant may be traded from Lakers

  • kevin
    Oct 15, 2007 at 9:41 am

    I just moved from LA and this has been the ongoing topic of conversation for the last year on sports talk out there. Kobe is a great play but a cancer in the locker room and as a person in general.

    The Lakers are caught in a rough situation, they have one of the best players in the league in his prime and don’t have the supporting cast and will not have the supporting cast to allow him to compete for a title.

    The thing is how do you trade away one of the top five people in the league and leave yourself with an even worse team? They aren’t going to get anything that will be comparable and rebuilding in that city doesn’t go well.

  • james
    Oct 15, 2007 at 6:51 pm

    Kevin has a great card collecting site. You ought to check it out.

    As for Kobe, history often points to the team trading away a star ending up having to start over. Rarely is there value for value.

  • Dave
    Oct 19, 2007 at 5:24 pm

    I think Kobe needs to be a little more patient with the yongsters. It would have been a bad move to trade Bynum who is only 19 years old 7-0 290 pounds for a 35 year old PG in Jason Kidd.

    Keep in mind Kwame was also part of that deal so LA would be without any center. And Jermaine Oneal has major knee issues. No way would i trade Lamar and Bynum for him.

    Im very high on the youngsters Bynum, Farmar, Turiaf and Crittenton. Kobe just needs to give them a chance.

  • james
    Oct 19, 2007 at 8:03 pm

    You probably don’t want to have Kwame as your center anyway. Kobe needs another star. Do you make moves for the short run or the long run?

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