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Kobe Scores 45 In Lakers’ Game 3 Victory Over Suns

by Angelo on April 27th, 2007

The Lakers did what they needed to do faced with a 0-2 deficit. They won game 3 95-89 protecting their home court. This game 3 victory was important for the Lakers because no one has come out of a 0-3 deficit and won the series. Some teams were close to doing it in the past but no one has yet. This victory gives the Lakers a new life line as they don’t need to win or go home just yet for game 4 and that makes the series even more exciting.

The hero of the game was of course Kobe Bryant who scored 45 points to lift the team to victory. Bryant had help from his “sidekick” Lamar Odom who posted 18 points and 16 rebounds while Kwame Brown exploded for his career playoff high of 19 points. For Phoenix, Amare Stoudemire posted 24 pointed and 10 rebounds while Steve Nash had 10 points and 13 assists. One probable cause for their defeat was the lack of production from Shawn Marion who struggled with 3-12 shooting, posting only 10 points.

I have little to say here. The facts are the facts. The Lakers simply outscored the Suns in this game so deserve the glory of this win. One small thing bugs me about this game though and it’s very telling of the makeup of the team as a whole. It’s something that I’m sure the Lakers acknowledge and I guess that’s the way they play. It’s the fact that Kobe had to explode for 45 points to win the game. Yes, not blow the Suns out of the game but simply to win. If you look at the score, that’s just a 6 point difference. If Kobe had a 30 point game, which is more than decent by his standards, they still would have lost. Again I’m not saying the Suns should have won. All I’m saying is that even in victory, the weakness of that Lakers team is clearly shown. That’s a weakness the Suns won’t have much of a hard time to exploit in the following games so the Lakers will have to watch it and make sure they play smart basketball.

Amare of the Suns says it all about why the Lakers deserved that win but he also has my prediction for game 4:

“We had a chance to put them away,” he said. “They shot the ball well, Kobe was on fire. Game 4 will be a different story. We normally take care of the ball, but they were the aggressor.”

ESPN 4/26/07


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