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Kobe Bryant - No deal to Bulls

by james on November 2nd, 2007

NBA Obsessed takes you into the hit and run game of NBA Basketball.

Ha! The rumors were flying and Kobe was to be a Bull.

Not going to happen.

That is, if you listen to Jon Paxson, GM of the Chicago Bulls.

“There’s not a deal done,” he said Thursday. “There’s not going to be a deal done.”
Paxson said they discussed “parameters,” but the sides “never got down to the nuts and bolts of it because there was never a deal to be done.”

Paxson’s comments came a day after a flurry of rumors. Speculation picked up Wednesday, with one report saying the Bulls, Kings and Lakers were discussing a three-way deal that would bring the superstar to Chicago.

That scenario had Paxson sending Ben Gordon and a signed-and-traded P.J. Brown to Sacramento, with former Piston Ben Wallace of the Bulls and Ron Artest of the Kings heading to Los Angeles. Paxson dismissed the rumor, saying a deal involving Brown would send the Bulls over the luxury tax threshold. source

Hmm, where there is smoke there is fire, right? Especially in California these days. Luxury tax is not going to stop this deal or any other deal for Kobe.

Seems more likely that the Bulls would lose both veteran big men for Kobe at a time when the Lakers might have a hard time demanding top dollar for him.

The rumors won’t stop and we love rumors.

According to the Chicago Tribune one of the many trade rumors involving Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers this week, included the Phoenix Suns, who wanted to gauge the Bulls’ interest in trading Thabo Sefolosha and other considerations as part of a package to send Bryant to the Bulls and likely Shawn Marion to the Lakers. source

Hmm, the Suns would strengthen the Lakers with Marion? Doubtful.

Here is yet another trade rumor.

Lakers vice president Magic Johnson said the deal isn’t going to happen.

”A deal can’t get done because they won’t include [Luol] Deng,” Johnson said Tuesday on TNT. ”And without Deng, a deal can’t get done.” source

No Deng, no deal. Well, deng it all, what is it going to take?

Today, Kobe is still a Laker.

NBA Basketball Fan Question Who do you think will land Kobe?

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