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Kobe should go to the Bulls!

by james on December 19th, 2007

NBA Obsessed takes you into the hit and run game of NBA Basketball.

Jordan and Kobe, old Bull and future Bull?

Ok, ok, Lamar had a good night and the Lakers took down the Bulls. So what?

Lamar had 17 points and 16 rebounds. Good for him, no knock on Lamar.

But you know, nobody cares about that, because tomorrow Lamar goes back to being an undersized center or an inconsistent power forward.

You just want to know the latest Kobe rumor.

Hey, did you hear Kobe is going to…

Meanwhile, Kobe was slowed down a little.

Slowed by a groin injury, Bryant scored 18 points but was a non-factor for long stretches against the team he targeted as a possible destination during the offseason.

“Everybody’s contributing and playing well,” Bryant said. “It makes the game fun.” source

Why Kobe should be a Bull

Ok, here is the beef. The Bulls are 8 - 14 mired in the basement of the Central Division. And let’s face it; the Central is loaded with solid teams. In other words, the Bulls may be going nowhere.

Now LA is having a pretty good season, but they are not strong enough or deep enough to go anywhere in the playoffs.

Now you have your facts. So what is holding up a trade of Kobe to the Bulls?

Deng dang ding a ling dang

The Lakers want Luol Deng. Is Luol Deng going to rescue the Bulls? No, he is not.

Is Deng such a good young player that you have to hold on to him? Not for the right opportunity to improve.

Think of Kobe and Ben Gordon sharing that backcourt for the Bulls and the defensive mindset brought by the Bulls by Coach Scotty Skiles and former Piston Ben Wallace.

Gentlemen, the Eastern Conference has room for a strong Bulls team to do some playoff damage.

Kobe too risky?

Chicago has been praised so much for their careful rebuilding of the franchise that they seem incapable of pulling off the big move. They are caught up in their carefulness, if that is even a word. Chicago would be afraid to use that word, because it might not be a word. Too much risk.

Chicago Bulls, you need to trade for Kobe now!

NBA Basketball Fan Question Would you trade for Kobe, if you were Chicago?

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