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Boston Celtics have a new trio in town

by james on October 28th, 2007

NBA Obsessed takes you into the hit and run game of NBA Basketball.

Danny Ainge can’t help but be happy these days

Who can forget all the epic battles with the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers. Boston had an unbelievable starting lineup with Dennis Johnson and Danny Ainge complementing the big three of Robert Big Chief Parish, Kevin McHale, and Larry Bird.

When my Pistons played them, it was pick your poison. Stop Parish, McHale and Bird would score. Stop McHale, Parish and Bird would score. Stop B…well, you never really stopped Larry Bird.

NBA Basketball Robert Parish factoid Did you know that Robert Parish played in 1,611 NBA games? More than any other NBA player.

Now there is a new trio in town with some connections to the old group. Kevin McHale pulled the trigger on the trade that sent Kevin Garnett to Boston. Danny Ainge is the GM in Boston and also picked up Ray Allen in another off season trade. Larry is still around as well, as GM of the Pacers.

Paul Pierce talked about what is was like to have other superstars on the team.

“For me, it’s just interesting to be around these guys who’ve been in the same situation as me, carrying franchises for a long period of time and even at this point in their careers, just checking out how they go about their everyday approach and what they do to get better,” Pierce said, one day before the team left for training camp in Italy. “That’s what I’m learning.” source

It still begs the question as to how well the 3 players will mesh with each other and mesh with the team. That question inevitably draws comparison to the original big three, but Kevin Garnett was quick to point out the difference.

I know the (phrase) we’re using around Boston is the “Big Three” but honestly I don’t like that because McHale, Parish and Bird were the big three so we need to come up with another (phrase),” Rivers said. “I clearly know there’s work to do, and we’ve done nothing.”

But from ownership, management and coaches, all the way down to the players and locker room staff, nothing short of reaching the NBA Finals will satisfy the expectations.

You also can not discount their age. Kevin Garnett is 31, but has 12 pro seasons behind him, because he started playing right out of high school. This kind of works like dog years and 12 seasons makes you more like 34 or 35. Your knees and ankles can take only so much pounding.

Ray Allen is 32 with 11 years as a pro. Paul Pierce is 30 with 9 years of experience.

Will age work against them? Will they try to do too much and get injured?

Another factor is how well they will mesh together as a team. The original big three constantly looked for mismatches or the hot scorer. If those weren’t present then Larry Bird would find a way to score.

How will this team do it?

“The thing the three of us share is the (experience) of carrying teams, and it feels good to have help, to be honest, and to know that you’re not always front and center,” Garnett said. “I’m going to bring to the table what I bring, but it’s great to know that you’ve got two other guys with experience and know-how along with the experience in the regular games and playoffs.”

Doc Rivers will need to bring his best coaching job to the table.

It is easy to talk unselfish and another thing to perform it night after night.

Boston fans have to be excited about the possibilities and expectations could not be higher. Some fans and writers talk as if anything less than playing in the NBA Championship game would be a let down.

There is a very good chance for them to get there.

But as fans, we should be very happy to watch these three play and grow together and certainly there will be tough times, but also nights where it is just lights out and an easy victory for Boston.

NBA Basketball Fan Question Will all three stay happy?

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