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KG Trade Causes Upsurge In Celtics Ticket Sales

by Angelo on August 13th, 2007

They say winning is good for business. The more the team wins games, the more the fans will take interest. In the case of the Boston Celtics, it’s more of the expectation of more wins that brings the fans more interest. The current roster of the Celtics brings some promise and hope to a city that just witnessed their beloved team experience their worst season in franchise history.

According to team president Rich Gotham, the Celtics’ season ticket base has grown by more than 50 percent since the Garnett trade and more than 60 percent since the end of last season.

The Boston Globe 8/12/07

When Michael Jordan joined the Washington Wizards roster and when Shaq joined the Miami Heat, both players caused similar effects to their team’s ticket and merchandise sales. You can say it’s their star status that caused it but isn’t that the point? Whenever a star joins a new team there always is that expectation that they will bring the tram more wins?

Just like how Jordan’s effect on the D.C. when he was there, you can say that whether the Celtics perform as expected or not, the KG trade has already done the team some good by bringing it more business. Of course we know what will happen if the team doesn’t strive toward those expectations. Hopefully the presence of three legitimate all stars in the roster won’t make that happen.

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