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Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen are lost

by james on October 18th, 2007

NBA Obsessed takes you into the hit and run game of NBA Basketball.

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Ray knows the way to the basket not the arena

The Celtics open up their first preseason game at home tonight and the fans are waiting eagerly.

It will be Celtics vs. Knicks and each team has gone through sort of a makeover.

But it won’t be much of a game if Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce get lost on the way to the arena.

“The other day we were talking about [how] we don’t even know how to get to the arena,” Allen said. “We’ve been by it plenty of times, but to actually know the streets to get down there from where each of us lives, that is new here.

“We’ll probably be asking somebody on the street as we go along. We all have navigation [systems], so it shouldn’t be too bad.” source

If you are a Celtics fan, you could not be more excited and if you have tickets, well then it is like hitting 5 numbers on the lottery. (Everything but the money)

Zach Randolph

Knicks fans also have something to crow about picking up Zach Randolph. This guy should give the Knicks the inside post up game that all great teams seem to have.

Zach played for my Michigan State Spartans for 1 year and did not even start that year and turned pro. That Spartan team was loaded with Charlie Bell and J Rich. Zach knew by going pro he would be only 3 years from free agency and it paid off.

After 2 slow years, Zach came on to average over 18 points for the last 4 years with a high last year of 23.7. His rebounding is even more impressive and he should be a 20 - 10 guy for the Knicks.

There are questions, as there are always questions and most of them revolve around selfishness, but it is a new team and a new coach, so let’s see what happens.

Life of the Boston Sports fan

If you are a Boston baseball, football, and basketball fan, then you have reached Nirvana and there is barely anymore to accomplish with the Red Sox and Patriots gunning for titles and the Celtics having one of the hottest NBA Basketball lineups around.

Even with all the hype, the Celtics have taken a back seat to the Red Sox in the playoffs, the dominating Patriots, and the highly ranked Boston College football team. But tonight, the Celtics have the hot Boston sports spotlight to themselves.

“I can’t really think about a town that has these types of teams,” Pierce said. “You have the football. Of course, the Patriots are going to be pretty exciting. The Red Sox have a chance to win the championship. source

So tonight in Boston it is the Celtics.

And if you see Kevin or Ray driving to the arena, be sure to point them in the right direction.

NBA Basketball Fan Question Do you have the Celtics winning it all?

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As always, any NBA Basketball related comments are welcome.

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