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Best NBA Player Pickups 2008

by james on March 10th, 2008

NBA Obsessed takes you into the hit and run game of NBA Basketball.

Kobe Bryant gets Pau Gasol

Which teams benefited the most from the recent signing frenzy?

10. Kidd to Mavericks - This trade fell through, would still have been a great move for the Mavs.

9. Kidd to Mavericks - This trade worked after about a week, is taking longer than that for it to work for the Mavs. Dirk Nowitzki gets the ball in the right place.

8. Bibby to Hawks - Young team needed a scoring leader. Bibby is that man.

7. Ratliff to Pistons - Pistons needed defensive help in the post. Ratliff already pays dividends in Sheed’s absence.

6. Cassell to Celtics - Celtics worry about Rondo. Cassell will get some of his minutes.

5. Thomas to Spurs - Duncan gets some more power underneath.

4. Wallace to Cavs - LeBron gets some defensive help in the post.

3. Korver to Jazz - The Jazz get instant outside shooting off the bench.

2. Shaq to Suns - The Suns get half court defense for the playoffs. Nash assists can now go with Shaq rebounds.

1. Gasol to Lakers - The Lakers will have tallest front line when Bynum returns. Kobe has a second scoring punch.

NBA Basketball Fan Question Did your team make a deal?

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