Even the great fall as was shown when the Mavericks lost to the former Mavs coach Don Nelson and his Warriors. The score was 117-100 and that put an end to their 17 game winning streak. That game taught that good things eventually come to an end but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Sure the Mavericks lost but it’s only their 1st in a very long time and only their 10 for the whole season. What’s important is that they stand up after they fall and go make up for this loss with more wins. After all, streaks don’t win championships so ending this one doesn’t mean a darn thing.

The thing that’s interesting about the Mavs loss is who they lost to. Somehow it seemed fitting that the Warriors was the team that would do it since Don Nelson is their coach. It’s as if the former Mavs coach tried show his apprentice Avery Johnson that he’s still the boss in spite of all the accomplishments Johnson and his Mavs have had. It makes the Mavs loss more dramatic!

2 Responses to “Warriors End Mavericks’ 17 Game Win Streak”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Good win by Golden State, but they had some insane sooting percentages!

  2. archangel joseph Says:

    OH NO! Poor Mavs! This year, the West is the place to be with several great teams. Hope one from the West makes it this year

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