Not only has former NBA big man John Amaechi taken a huge load of his chest by coming out of the closet but now he’s starting to reel in the bucks from endorsements. Just recently Amaechi was named on of the endorsers of Headblade, a company that specializes in men’s grooming products.

Mr. Amaechi “is the perfect storm,” said Todd Greene, chief executive at the HeadBlade Company in Culver City, Calif., which specializes in products for bald men, because “he’s African-American, a basketball player and gay, and those are all huge demographics for us.”

“And he uses the product,” Mr. Greene said, adding that he learned Mr. Amaechi was a “HeadBlader,” as Mr. Greene calls his customers, while deciding whether Mr. Amaechi would make an effective spokesman.

NY Times 3/12/07

Of course the most important part about Amaechi is he’s bald! (since the company specializes in bald men’s products)

This piece of news reminds me of something Dallas Mavericks owner Marc Cuban said about Amaechi coming out - that it actually makes sense!

“From a marketing perspective, if you’re a player who happens to be gay and you want to be incredibly rich, then you should come out, because it would be the best thing that ever happened to you from a marketing and an endorsement perspective,” Cuban told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram for Monday’s edition. “You would be an absolute hero to more Americans than you can ever possibly be as an athlete, and that’ll put money in your pocket.

ESPN 2/12/07

It’s looking like Cuban was right after all!


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