I would like to share an article I read with you guys and I’m sure you Stave Nash and Suns fans out there should be happy to know that someone out there is giving Nash some love! Nash is one of the strong candidates for the MVP award this season and if he gets it, it will be his third and in a row too, putting him in the same breath as Kareem, Magic and MJ - an honor many believe he is not worthy. This is also why some guys like Shaq believe that his previous MVP’s are tainted somehow.
Nevertheless, when you look at the numbers you can’t deny that Nash still has a strong campaign for the award even though former Mavericks team mate Dirk Nowitzki seems to be the favorite.

I leave you with an excerpt from the article answering the issue above. This perhaps will want you read the whole thing.

There will be some who suggest that if Jordan didn’t win three in a row, how could Nash? That’s utter nonsense. Nobody is saying Steve Nash is better than Jordan, or the Big O or any of the other all-time greats.

What happened with Jordan’s voting should have no bearing on Nash. If he is having the best season three years running, that’s the way it goes. And Nash should be justly rewarded for it.

Nash should three-peat as NBA MVP
by Marc Narducci

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