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Top 10 NBA teams, why Lakers are #1

by james on January 17th, 2008

NFL Football at its best. NFL Football at its craziest.

Chris Paul has the Hornets buzzing

Boston has been winning like there is no tomorrow.

Except this week had a lot of tomorrows. They lost 3 out of 4.

So when Johnny Ludden, Yahoo! Sports came out with his rankings of all NBA teams, there was no way to put the Boston Celtics of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen fame at the top.

At least Johnny admits that the Lakers stay may be short.

Here are the top 10 of the rankings and your intrepid author’s comments in italics.

L.A. Lakers 1. Los Angeles Lakers – This could be one-and-done for the Lakers at the top spot. Seven-game winning streak doesn’t say as much about team’s future as one 20-minute MRI did.

An injured Andrew Bynum means a sure drop in the rankings. Should be interesting to see how Kobe’s game responds.

2. Boston Celtics

No doubt, Boston will hover near the number 1 spot all year. 3 stars with great defense is a winning formula.

3. Detroit Pistons– Yes, getting routed by the Knicks was embarrassing – but also slightly understandable given the Pistons’ four-games-in-five-nights stretch. Having two opportunities in five days to make up a game on Boston and taking advantage of neither? Now that’s hard to stomach.

Rock solid defense with a lineup of 4 lower level all stars plus mismatch player Tayshaun Prince make the Pistons a contender for the number 1 spot.

4. Dallas Mavericks

Live by the Dirk, die by the Dirk. Can an all offensive system win it all?

5. Phoenix Suns– Who had 34 games in the “Grant’s First Injury” pool?

Poor Grant Hill, a true gentleman of the sport. Something always seems to derailing his career. Steve Nash keeps this team on top.

6. San Antonio Spurs– Gregg Popovich, after loss to Detroit: “Timmy and Jacque needed help tonight and they didn’t get it.” Translation: “Tony sucked.”

Can the Spurs really be at the 6 spot? Does anyone believe they will stay that low?

7. New Orleans Hornets– Any correlation between Hornets’ seven consecutive road victories and the out clause in their New Orleans Arena lease?

Chris Paul is a dynamic young player. Look out for this team.

8. Portland Trail Blazers– Portland has won 19 of its past 21 games, a remarkable accomplishment that has left the team with a record that is the conference’s…sixth-best. Welcome to the West, young Blazers.

Whew, have to admit, thought they would be fighting for the number one pick in the draft after losing Oden.

9. Denver Nuggets

Camby, AI, and Carmelo, can this trio win?

10. Golden State Warriors– Who else wants to see Captain Jack in the All-Star Three-point Shootout? Prediction: He misfires his first nine shots, slings his mouthpiece into the bench, curses Craig Sager then closes with 16 consecutive makes.

A wild team with a wild offensive philosophy and one of my favorite players to watch in Baron Davis.


Team to most likely move up in this set of rankings is the Orlando Magic with Dwight Howard.

NBA Basketball Fan Question Did your favorite team make the rankings?

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As always, any NFL Football related comments are welcome.

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