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Isiah Thomas - from the peak to the valley

by james on October 2nd, 2007

NBA Obsessed takes you into the hit and run game NBA Basketball.

It is time to play four quarters of basketball.

Pre-Game - Isiah is in court for sexual harassment.

Keys for the game:

  • How did it come to this?
  • How did Isiah Thomas get there?

1st Quarter - Isiah Thomas has been to the mountain.

His college team, Indianapolis University, wins the NCAA tournament with Isiah as the star point guard playing for the always rough and tumble Bobby Knight.

Isiah leaves after his sophomore year to join the Pistons. Many teams are doubtful because of his size. In the Early Years, it is all Isiah and Kelly Tripucka.

2nd Quarter - Chuck Daly comes in to coach and Jack McCloskey is added as General Manager. The talent level grows with each new addition by Trader Jack, while Chuck applies his masterful system of keeping the players hungry and happy.

The Pistons win two titles. Isiah is the team leader; the heart and soul of the team. He uses Bill Lambeer as his enforcer in the locker room.

Half Time - Isiah once scores 25 points in a playoff game against the Lakers in one quarter! More astonishing, he does it on a severely sprained ankle.

Thomas makes the list of 50 All Time players in the NBA.

3rd Quarter - Isiah retires from the Pistons and owner Bill Davidson has a fight with him and kicks him out of the organization.

Isiah does a poor job of coaching the Pacers and GM Larry Bird kicks him out of the organization.

4th Quarter - Isiah becomes the worst GM in history (until Matt Millen of the Lions) for the New York Knicks. He continuously signs selfish players for too much money. He has a great eye for talent and a lousy eye for teammates that sacrifice for one and other.

For whatever reason, the Knicks do not kick him out.

Post Game: Isiah goes to court for sexual harassment.

He said an incident in which he allegedly dragged the plaintiff by the arm and accosted her after a loss to the Jazz never happened. In fact, according to Thomas, he spoke with Garden president Steve Mills after that game and didn’t even raise his voice. Browne Sanders might or might not have been present, Thomas said.

Thomas’ testimony began on Tuesday afternoon and will resume on Wednesday, when he is expected to continue to deny that he sexually harassed Browne Sanders.

Isiah has reached rock bottom.

He said - She said

Browne Sanders testified that Thomas subjected her to a hostile work environment by lacing conversations with profanities and treating her harshly during his first year on the job, before reversing tactics and smothering her with inappropriate sexual advances in his second year.

Thomas testified that Browne Sanders made his job more difficult and got in his way by trying to undermine his authority. He said he always treated her with respect and never directed any profanities at her. source

Rock Bottom.

NBA Basketball Fan Question - Did you see this coming?  What has happened to Isiah?

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