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Celtics vs. Lakers, find out who will win

by james on June 5th, 2008

NBA Obsessed takes you into the hit and run game of NBA Basketball.

NBA Finals - Let the games begin!

This series is unlike most series in a very dramatic way. Neither team has earned their way into the NBA Finals in the ordinary sense.

Hey, before you get all defensive, hear me out.

That earlier sentence did not say that either team did not deserve to be there. Both teams deserve to be there.

Will Kobe Bryant triumph over Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen?

Image details: Boston Celtics v Los Angeles Lakers served by picapp.com

Just to be clear (Because my wife claims my ways to be wishy washy), my contention was that My Pistons (Authors note: exposing my personal loyalties) were the best team to beat a team from the West.

The problem with the Pistons is how poorly they matched up with the Celtics. Thus the Celtics would ultimately triumph over My Pistons.

In the West, it was Lakers all the way. Once Pau Gasol was added to the team to replace the missing height of Andrew Bynum, and to add another scorer that could shoot and occasionally post up, to Kobe Bryant, then it was clear that the Lakers would prevail.

Pick: Lakers over Celtics in 6.

What does everyone else think?

Willl the Lakers struggle with Kevin Garnett?

Will the Celtics struggle with Kobe Bryant?

What about the old rivalry in the sixties and who was Elgin Baylor?

Why Charles Barkley is choosing the Lakers!

As always, any NBA Basketball related comments are welcome.

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2 opinions for Celtics vs. Lakers, find out who will win

  • John
    Jun 5, 2008 at 11:59 pm

    Celtics will win…why?
    1. They are down to earth,
    2. They want it,
    3. They left their ego at the door,
    4. They have what it takes.

    It’s all Celtics this year…They are the truth of 2008


  • matt phippen
    Jun 6, 2008 at 7:34 am

    lakers in 7

    game 1 - celtics
    game 2 - lakers
    game 3- lakers
    game 4 celtics
    game 5 - celtics
    game 6 - lakers
    game 7 - lakers

    if lakers win, then my 2008 NBA playoff bracket will be perfect except for one series. (i predicted NO would beat the spurs in 7)

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