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Boston beats Lakers in game 2

by james on June 8th, 2008

NBA Obsessed takes you into the hit and run game of NBA Basketball.

Paul Pierce? Kobe Bryant? It looks like Leon Powe is the man as he is getting triple teamed by the Lakers!

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If you did not see this game, you would not believe it.

Boston dominated this game up until the last 7 minutes. The Celtics were up by over 20 points. Paul Pierce was scoring like crazy. Rajon Rondo was dishing assists like Bob Cousy. The Celtic Defense was shutting down the Lakers and frustrating Kobe Bryant. Boston was shooting so many free throws that the game lasted forever.

Then the Lakers caught fire!

They went on a 27 - 9 run and cut the lead to 4.

Boston had to call a time out and go back to Paul Pierce. It has been the Paul Pierce show and not the Kevin Garnett show so far. Paul’s knee appears to be fine. His ability to score is even better.

Paul drove to the hole off of a Kevin Garnett screen (since when did he become a screener in clutch situations?) and tried an up and under move that was fouled. Two foul shots later the Celtics led by 6 with 12 seconds to go.

LA called a timeout and ran a play at their end of the court. Kobe Bryant did not touch the ball. Pau Gasol could not find him. The Lakers missed. Paul Pierce actually blocked the shot and Boston won the game.

Paul Pierce, darting around the parquet floor with ease, scored 28 points, Boston’s defense mobbed Kobe Bryant long enough and unknown Leon Powe scored 21 points as the Celtics held off a remarkable Los Angeles rally for a 108-102 win over the Lakers on Sunday night. The Celtics have a 2-0 lead in these trip-down-memory-lane NBA finals.


Leon Powe

Wait a minute, Leon Powe had 21 points. Leon who? Powe had more free throw attempts than the Lakers 13 to 10. Now this was Leon who?

They asked Phil Jackson what he took from the game more, the Celtic defense for 3 quarters or the offensive surge of the Lakers late in the game and he responded with “Leon Powe getting more free throws than his whole team. That is ridiculous.” Phil could not really talk about the referees directly, but the message was clear.

Boston benefitted from 38 free throws to LA’s 10. Talk about your home court advantage!

Now the series goes to LA and we will see what the Lakers are made of. Typically a series goes to the home teams for a while when they are evenly matched.

We will see if Boston can steal one in LA.

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3 opinions for Boston beats Lakers in game 2

  • gerry lopez
    Jun 9, 2008 at 3:56 am

    LA can not win an NBA championship with out a dominant center. kobe does not posses a mind strong enough to really lead a team. He is an exceptional player but is distracted mentally.

  • John Ervin
    Jun 9, 2008 at 4:45 am

    Boston had taken 26 free throws, and the Lakers 2, midway through the third quarter ??

    Please. This team of refs I’ve seen once too often, all of them have died in their sins and been exhumed for the Finals, and more than once. But Tee-ing Kobe at that point? Final tally, 38 free throws for the homers, and 10 for 10 for the visitors? When they sat Kobe in the 2nd quarter for foul-ing Celtics with his eyelashes, twice, I left the raucous sports bar and wandered to a quiet restaurant. It’s the first time in a half century of watching the game I’ve left a Finals game like that, and missed action. I was just that disgusted. The NBA Home Office, and the Gang of Three refs they always torture us with, is enough to turn my torrent of love for the game into a trickle. You know what they say rises to the top? Same thing that rolls down hill.
    Thanks David Stern, for taking this God’s gift of the world’s greatest game, greatest league, and whittling it down year by year, in spite of the greatest players in sports, and the greatest single player in the game. It’s just another challenge and slap in the face to Kobe, and he steps up every time, despite “insults without number.” And David Stern waddles up, each time, and cuts down the great ones. If it didn’t do so much to destroy the rhythym and the majesty of the game, it would be comedy. God knows Stern and his wunderkind have done their best to make it so.

  • loosecollector
    Jun 10, 2008 at 8:14 pm

    Nah… the Celts earned the win, no excuses.

    If a relative unknown player drops that much points on your heads, it means you are doing something wrong.

    And if the same guy dribbles from halfcourt and was able to dunk with your entire squad just watching him do it… what do you call it?

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