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Detroit Pistons are like a secret

by james on December 27th, 2007

NBA Obsessed takes you into the hit and run game of NBA Basketball.

Who was that masked man?

Boston continues to roll, just stocking up on victories left and right. The Celtics are also getting all the pub that goes with it.

Geez, Garnett is even leading LeBron James in the All Star voting! There are not any Pistons even close in the voting.

And then there is the Big Three thing with Garnett, Allen, and Pierce, as they hope to imitate some of the success of the real Big Three of Bird, McHale, and Parish.

All of this kind of leaves the Pistons lurking in the shadows.

If you happened to catch the Pistons playing the Celtics in Beantown the other week, you witnessed a playoff style game with the Pistons pulling it out in the end. In other words both teams were really trying the whole game.

Now the Pistons are putting on an impressive streak of games and the NBA better look up and take notice, because the Pistons are taking no prisoners.

The Pistons continued their roll, crushing the Nets, 101-83, on Wednesday night. It was their sixth straight win, their 13th out of the last 15 and their sixth straight over New Jersey. source

Without any of those first team all stars, the Pistons rely on different players on different nights always looking for the mismatch and always staying in the team concept.

“We got cooking,” Billups said. “We were getting the shots we wanted. Our defense picked up in the third quarter and our shots were going in — that’s a deadly combination.”

Hamilton, who averaged 23 points against the Nets (12-16) in the Pistons’ previous five wins, hit all five of his shots in the third. The Pistons’ 31 points in the quarter came from Hamilton, Rasheed Wallace, McDyess and Billups.

“I was going good, and the guys were finding me,” Hamilton said. “They were getting me shots in rhythm. It’s always fun to play against New Jersey. I consider them one of my hometown teams, coming from Philly.”

Even Lawrence Frank, coach of the Nets is impressed.

“Detroit is one of the better teams in the league,” New Jersey coach Lawrence Frank said. “It solidifies that we have to keep on working to get better. Look at their record against us; they are playing better than us. But it’s a long season and we are going to keep on grinding.”

So secretly the Pistons are looking great as usual and staying under the radar.

NBA Basketball Fan Question Have you noticed the Pistons?

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