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Boston Celtics second, Kobe auditions

by james on October 31st, 2007

NBA Obsessed takes you into the hit and run game of NBA Basketball.

Ever notice how superstars go by a single name? Prince, Bono, Shaq, LeBron, Kobe…

Poor Beantown. All they have are the World Series winning Red Sox and the undefeated Patriots. How do they get by?

Just think, if the Celtics finish 2nd in the NBA, they will be looked on as the weak sports franchise in the area!

That is assuming the Patriots win it all and we will get a good look at how that may go this Sunday against the Colts.

The Celtics fans have gone so crazy that articles on Scott Pollard are coming out in the paper and people are reading them!

They can’t get enough!

On the other side of America, Kobe is stealing all the headlines with his former team, uh, current team, the Lakers. The Lakers are losing on TNT right now in the 4th quarter.

Yahoo game tracker shows Kobe with 34 of the teams 74 points. Just an off night as Kobe auditions for his new team.

By the way, it was reported as Bull that Kobe would go to the Bulls. Hey, it was reported, who knows.

NBA Basketball Fan Question Can Kobe hog the ball or what?

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