I know it’s still to early to say anything definitive about this season since it just started last week. It’s just that this season is special for the Boston Celtics because it’s the season they dedicated to their patriarch and legendary coach Red Auerbach. With the moves that GM Danny Ainge has made in recent years, I’ve seen many a blog and forums calling him the dumbest GM in the league. (sarcasm) All that strange player movement last season sure does wonders for team chemistry! Personally I don’t get what he’s trying to do at time either. That’s why I’m not surprised that the Celtics are currently sitting at the bottom of the Eastern Conference with a winless 0-3 record. Heck, even the Bobcats got a win already! It’s certainly not the kind of start you’d want if you’re dedicating the season to a legend.

I do think (and hope) that it’s just a case of getting used to playing together since they got some new guys like Sebastian Telfair from the Blazers. They had a pretty good game against the Wizards even if they fell short. With Paul Pierce leading the way, there’s always hope for success. It’s time to turn that hope into reality and show Red that he’s not getting a sucky tribute of a season that he certainly does not deserve.

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  1. Mikey Says:

    I’m from Boston and I don’t miss any Celtic games at all. Now before you do anything in basketball you have to do the basic things like boxout, move without the ball, hustle, run an proper fast break , stay in front your man, rebound and the most important thing have heart. I could put much more basic things but I think you have an idea. The management stinks right down to the coach. Doc wants to run but Pierce don’t run. And he can’t anyway because he’s second in the league in rebounds. Aint he supose to be on an wing with Wally? Our big man is supose to rebound and give to the pg while he runs in the middle Pierce on the right Wally on the left the pf trailling behind the pg just in case for an pass or put back. The league is fast and young and alot of teams are on the rise. You use your players for their stregnth. And that is something Doc Rivers don’t know how to do. They should have chemistry by now.

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