After the Pacers owner nixed the original proposed Al Harrington deal offered by the Hawks, it seemed Indiana’s hope to get the former Pacer back was dead. After making some adjustments to the offer it seems the deal might fall through after all.

Harrington, according to NBA front-office sources, is expected to sign a four-year contract worth $35.3 million with the Hawks, who will then deal him to Indiana. It’s believed that the Pacers will complete the swap without making a cash payment to the Hawks, who originally sought the maximum $3 million that teams can add to trades.

Atlanta would receive a future first-round pick in exchange for Harrington. It was not immediately known if Indiana will also acquire third-year center John Edwards, whose departure would remove an extra $1.1 million from the Hawks’ payroll.

Reacquiring Harrington would a step in the right direction for the Pacers but it still doesn’t change my opinion that the organization has been and still is going downhill ever since the brawl in Detroit a few years back. There’s the departure of James Jones, Ron Artest, Scott Pollard and Fred Jones; the unhappiness of Sarunas Jasikevicius, the questionable drafting of Shawne Williams, and trade that sent Anthony Johnson to Dallas despite the lack of epth at the point guard spot and the questionable health of Tinsley. Acquiring Harrington (if it happens) and Marquis Daniels are the only positive things I’ve seen Indiana do this offseason. It’s not good enough.

The reason why I’m still skeptical about Harrington going to Indiana is because there’s another Al Harrington discussion I’ve encountered. The discussion has Harrington going to the Warriors via a four team trade. The discussion also includes Clipper Corey Maggete going to Denver and Joe Smith to the Hawks, and Mike Dunleavy Jr. of the Warriors to the Clippers (Cute. He might get to play for his dad).

So there are two possible scenarios for Harrington as far as we know. Let’s see what happens but I’d rather the Indiana trade does. Dunleavy Jr. is talented but he hasn’t proven he’s worth that no. 3 pick back in 2002. He’s a bit soft and inconsistent. He certainly will be a downgrade from Maggette if it happens. Atlanta needs more vets but Joe Smith isn’t what they need. it’s better if they get a pick and trade it for a vet. Maggette to Denver would be nice though since i’m sure he’d make a much better shooting guard than JR Smith. Harrington would be a good fit for the Warriors but I think he’d do much better back in Indiana.

It’s not that I favor Indiana more but I just like to see all teams in the NBA improve and for my reasons above, the 4 way trade just won’t do them much good.

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