News has it that the Orlando Magic just might buyout Grant Hill’s contract and Hill has pondered about returning to the team that drafted him back in 1994 and where he has made a case for himself as the heir to Jordan’s Airness. If Hill does go back to the Pistons he’d be a solid player off the Pistons bench, coming in for the energetic and long armed Tayshaun Prince. He would probably have the role of what former Pistons team mate Jerry Stackhouse is currently doing for the Dallas Mavericks - veteran leadership and scoring from the bench.

Grant Hill’s career to some extent can be likened to that of Bill Walton, who led the Portland Trailblazers to the NBA title back in ‘77. Walton was an excellent player who didn’t see too much action because of injuries. His career ended with the Boston Celtics where he earned another title as the Celtics’ Sixth Man of the Year. No one knows how much better a career Walton could have had if not for those injuries, and the same goes for Grant Hill. Maybe Grant Hill could help the Pistons win a title next season just like Walton helped the Celtics.

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