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Who Goes 3rd?

by Angelo on June 23rd, 2007

Everyone knows that Greg Oden and Kevin Durant will fill the first two slots on the draft board this coming draft but nobody really knows for sure who will go 3rd. What adds to this mystery is that Atlanta, who owns the 3rd pick, also owns the 11th giving them some flexibility in their drafting decisions.

One scenario would have Atlanta drafting Mike Conley Jr with the 3rd pick. The have already passed on the oppurtunity to draft Chril Paul and Marcus Williams the past two years and their point guard scenario shows that they made a big mistake. Conley is considered the top point guard prospect and is said to have Tony Parker like skills. Drafting him 3rd would probably be a bit high but they need a guy like him so it could be worth it. Then they could just take the best player available at 11.

Another scenario would be for them to draft Al Horford or Brandan Wright for more star potential and hope point guard Acie Law will still be there at 11. It’ also a solid decision because those guys have a lot of upside. That scenario gives them a lot of value and still takes care of their problem. It’s this scenario I think is more likely for them to do.

What do you think Atlanta will do on draft day? If they go for the second scenario who do you think they should take, Wright or Horford?


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