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Strange WNBA Drafting Rule

by Angelo on March 22nd, 2007

I was just reading up on this piece on women’s college basketball star Candace Parker and something odd caught my eye about the WNBA draft eligibilty rule that sounds unfair.

The big misunderstanding is based on the WNBA’s rule that prohibits drafting players before their senior year of college (emphasis my own).

Ok so the article says that a WNBA prospect can still be declared eligible as long as she proves that she can graduate the same calendar year. But that means she still needs to be a senior. I can just see the kind of uproar a lot of NBA draft prospects will make if this sort of rule is applied to the NBA. Before the latest CBA, even high school players could declare. Now the player just needs to be one year removed from his high school senior year meaning the most likely route would be to play at least one year of college ball. Imagine if the NBA says that guys like Kevin Durant and Greg Oden can’t enter the draft until after their senior year. Given they’re just freshmen now, that’s a long wait!

For me it’s already bad enough that WNBA players don’t even come close to what their male counterparts make but a rule like this is just absurd.

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1 opinion for Strange WNBA Drafting Rule

  • Jefff42 detroit
    Mar 25, 2007 at 9:22 am

    I think that’s a GREAT Idea not being able to declare for the NBA draft until your senior year of college. Just think what that will do for college basketball. Great athelets and Student players would get a education and have a career after basketball. Who do we talk to about getting that changed? (I’m serious!!)

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