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Spurs Win Game 3 To Take 2-1 Lead

by Angelo on April 29th, 2007

The story of the series seems to be that both teams are very talented teams and that no matter who wins, the other is not very far behind as far as the score is concerned. That’s what keeps this series exciting aside from watching Melo and Iverson battle Duncan and Parker, The Sours won 96-91 against the Denver Nuggets as they lead the series 2-1.

So much attention has been poured into the Mavericks this season that to some extent people forgot that the Spurs were champs 2 times in just the past few years. While I’m not saying that they have what it takes to win it all just yet, I can say that their experience in these kinds of situations give them a huge edge when fighting a talented team like the Nuggets. Duncan was the hero as usual as he scored 20 points and grabbed 13 rebounds while Tony parker added 21 points. Free throw shooting was a huge part of the win as they made 13-14 as a team.

The Nuggets got good output from its stars as Melo scored 28 while AI added 20 and Nene had 18 but it wasn’t enough for the combined output of the Spurs. This game came down to who could close out the game and with the experience the Spurs have, they came out on top. The Spurs picked the right time to start playing like a championship caliber team and in this state, I think the Nuggets will have a very hard time recovering from this 2-1 deficit now.


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