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Sneak Preview Of “The Kobe Video”

by Angelo on June 21st, 2007

So one of the big thngs now is news of “The Kobe Video”. It’s an amateur were he was taped saying profanity laced statements against center Andrew Bynum and GM Mitch Kupchak because the Lakers missed out on an opportunity to acquire Jason Kidd in a trade that involved Bynum during the February trade deadline.

The video below is a preview of the said video. According to this article by Eric Pinicus of Hoopsworld.com, Kobe uttered this statemnt, whih is the whole context of the words in the short ideo below:

“Ship his [rear end] out. We’re talking Jason Kidd,” said Bryant. “They didn’t want to do that. That’s why we’re in this [messed up] position.”

This video has caused some controversy especially since Kobe has recently demanded a trade away from the Lakers even if he has at least two years left before he could opt out of his contract.

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1 opinion for Sneak Preview Of “The Kobe Video”

  • archangel
    Jun 26, 2007 at 9:11 pm

    The Kobe Lovers will have a hard time defending their hero given these latest self-centred moves by their man. As usual, KB is for KB, and to hell with the team. He succeeded in ousting Shaq so he alone would be the LA Man, and they have lost miserably ever since. Why cant he be a good player in the mold of Tim D, LeBron, Dwayne, et al, who are not only excellent players, but also great TEAM players?

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