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Shaq to the Suns for Shawn Marion

by james on February 6th, 2008

NBA Obsessed takes you into the hit and run game of NBA Basketball.

Shaq to change uniforms again

Has Shaq done it again.

Is Shaquille O’Neal up for “Rent a NBA Title”?

You get the Shaq, you win a title, and then you wait for someone to take him off your hands.

Quick quiz: What is missing from the Phoenix Doughnuts…er…Suns.

Answer: a center!

Quick quiz number 2: What is Shaq?

Answer: a center!

Are we starting to see the logic here?

No longer confident they can win a championship with their current roster, the Phoenix Suns are close to completing a blockbuster trade that will bring them Shaquille O’Neal, a source with knowledge of the negotiations said Tuesday.

O’Neal is scheduled to travel to Phoenix aboard a private plane Wednesday, the source said, to undergo an MRI on his ailing left hip. If he passes the physical, the Suns will complete the trade by sending Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks to the Miami Heat. source

This would allow Amare Stoudemire to move over to power forward. Although some tweaking of the Sun’s small ball run all the time offense may have to happen.

The trade represents a dramatic change for the Suns, whose run-and-gun, small-ball style had revolutionized the league in recent seasons. That same style, however, had failed to bring the Suns a championship, and team officials had become increasingly skeptical about their chances of contending without giving Amare Stoudemire some help on the front line.

The Lakers picking up Pau Gasol and moving to the head of the Western Conference list of favorites could be yesterday’s news.

Kobe Bryant thought Pau Gasol was taking him over the top. Now Phoenix general manager Steve Kerr has told the Western Conference, ”I see your Gasol and raise you one Shaq.” Shaq’s style doesn’t work in Phoenix? Taking passes from Nash kind of works for anyone. And dunking and shooting 60 percent fits just about anywhere.

The Suns need a center. The Suns get a center.

Look out Lakers!

NBA Basketball Fan Question Will Shaq be effective in Phoenix?

As always, any NBA Basketball related comments are welcome.

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1 opinion for Shaq to the Suns for Shawn Marion

  • Pete
    May 7, 2008 at 5:32 pm

    This may have nothing to do about this topic but people need to stop comparing Shaq to Wilt Chamberlain. Shaq is no where near as good as Wilt.

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