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San Antonio Spurs and Duncan shoot down the Suns

by james on April 19th, 2008

NBA Obsessed takes you into the hit and run game of NBA Basketball.

It was a truly a miracle as Tim Duncan made his first 3 of the season to send the game into double overtime.

Manu Ginobili finished the game off with a driving baseline layup with 1.8 seconds left.

San Antonio Spurs 117 Phoenix Suns 115

Shaq was upset and talked about it.

We had a lot of opportunities to win,” O’Neal said. “You can’t make mistakes against a team like that especially here in this building.”

But O’Neal wasn’t completely contrite.

“I just wanted to play aggressive, but the floppers prevailed today. Amare and myself are going to continue to play aggressive,” O’Neal said of his foul trouble. “Hopefully those guys will compete rather than just fall down.”

Stoudemire, who fouled out with 12 seconds left in the first overtime, led the Suns with 33 points. O’Neal scored 11 points.


Back to the Game

Steve Nash drilled a 3 to tie the game at 115 and that is when Manu Ginobili stepped in.

With 15 seconds left, the Suns went to sharp shooter Nash. Nearly falling out of bounds in the corner, he hit a 3 that made it 115-all.

Then Ginobili drove the lane against Raja Bell and got to the hoop, as he often does, almost at will, and his layup fell.

“What I knew, before taking it to the rim, is that Shaq and Amare (Stoudemire) were not there,” Ginobili said. “So, I knew if I had the opportunity to go get in there, get some legs into the shot, I had an opportunity to finish.”

Tony Parker added 26 points for the Spurs and Ginobili had 24.

This game had the playoff fever and looks to be a thriller to the end. The team that wins this game will lose a lot of energy and that could cost them in the next series.

NBA Basketball special comment You would think these two teams would meet in the finals, but it is just that kind of year. San Antonio has to be one of the favorites for the NBA Championship, but Shaq has changed the chemistry of the Suns. Anything could happen.

As always, any NBA Basketball related comments are welcome.

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