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Olympic basketball - Team USA treated like Rock Stars

by james on August 4th, 2008

NBA Obsessed takes you into the hit and run game of NBA Basketball.

Tayshaun Prince is just one way this Olympic team is different

This Olympic basketball team continues to differentiate itself from other teams of the past. They are a team that has more than just star power; it has a team feel to it. It is more than the addition of Tayshaun Prince of the Detroit Pistons. There really is the feeling that this team came to do business. They want the gold medal.

The Dream Team was larger than life and came into the Olympics with zero competition. You can’t do that anymore. The rest of the world has caught up. Even small nations have NBA stars on their roster and they bring teams that have played together for years.

The Dream Team stayed outside of the village and played a lot of golf.

The team is different.

But Howard’s lunch with Chris Bosh in Macau was good enough for Chinese fans starving for a glimpse of the U.S. Olympic basketball team, because they aren’t getting many chances. The Americans say they took it easy in that gambling town, and they’re not exactly living it up since arriving here, content to stay fresh before the Olympics.

“We really didn’t do much,” Dwyane Wade said. “We’re trying to adjust a lot to the time difference and so a lot of us are resting, trying to get our bodies right, getting a lot of massages. We went out on the town to check it out, but besides that we didn’t do much.”


In China, the US Olympic team is treated like Rock Stars. There are 300 million people playing basketball in China. The NBA rules.

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