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Isiah Thomas is a Knick no longer

by james on April 18th, 2008

NBA Obsessed takes you into the hit and run game of NBA Basketball.

Knock knock.

Who is there?


Isiah who?


Isiah not Knick no more.

Please give me the Knicks coaching job, because if Isiah could stink as much as he did in New York and still hold onto his job as long as he did, then it will be mine for life! Think of it, Madison Square Garden, all the great fans, the money, Spike Lee, etc.

Thomas was fired as the New York Knicks coach Friday after a season of listless and dreadful basketball, a tawdry lawsuit and unending chants from fans demanding his dismissal.

Thomas lost a franchise record-tying 59 games this season, and along the way seemed to lose the support of his players, who didn’t always play hard for him the way they did last season.


Knicks history

As a youth, the Celtics, Knicks, and Lakers were on my television set every Saturday or Sunday. Usually one game per week. And even though my loyalties were with the Detroit hapless at that time Pistons, my love was to watch the Knicks. They had Dave DeBusschere (from Detroit), Bill Bradley, Willis Reed, Walt Frazier, Dick Barnett, and later Earl “The Pearl” Monroe.

The 1970’s Knicks were a fabulous team and team was the word. Team is what they stood for, often throwing several passes and making several cuts before taking a single shot. The game was almost choreographed in nature. It was a thing of beauty.

This year’s version of the Knicks was loaded with players that do not stand for team. Maybe it is a function of the modern age, but me first is the new Knick motto and that is why Isiah had to go.

Isiah kept going after talented players, but they were all of the Me first variety. Stephon Marbury is the quintessential Me first player of all time. (Squibster note: Marbury is actually one of my favorite players to watch, but please do not send him to my Pistons).

There is not enough room to go into the litany of mistakes by Isiah, but it does not matter anymore.

The Knicks need a new coach and need to find the word Team again.

NBA Basketball special comment How could Isiah be kept on so long?

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