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Early Bust Warning Signals For O’Bryant

by Angelo on January 25th, 2007

Patrick O’Bryant of the Golden State Warriors was on my possible bust list in the off season for this season’s rookies. I t seems that I just might be right but of course it’s too early too tell. This piece of news from Warriors coach Don Nelson just seems very telling about the current state of the young center’s development.

O’Bryant, the only NBA lottery selection to receive the D-League treatment, is averaging 6.1 points, 6.7 rebounds and 2.1 blocks in seven games with the Jam but has fouled out twice and shot just 40 percent.

I told him if he goes down to the D-League and isn’t a dominant player, there should be red flags all over the place, and he should be the first to notice,” Nelson said. “He’s not only not dominating, he’s not playing very well. He’s a long-term project. I really liked him the first week of training camp, but I assumed there would be great progress. He hasn’t gotten better one bit.

The Mercury News 1/25/07

It’s a good thing Andris Biedrins is having a good year and is finally showing Warriors fans why he was drafted or the Warriors would probably have been screwed over if they had to rely on O’Bryant now. Hopefully he’ll pull an Andrew Bynum on us and improve drstically next season but the early signs sure doesn’t seem to point in that direction.

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