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NBA Draft Busts

by Angelo on June 25th, 2006

It’s drafting season again so many NBA fans are nervous as to who their favorite teams will select to improve the roster. This is the perfect time then to share with you all Sports Illustrated’s take on NBA Draft Busts. It’s an interesting photo presentation but I don’t quite agree with some of the “busts” they featured there. Please click on the link above to see the photo presentation.


1) Derrick Coleman

When a guy has a great career posting great averages and even making an appearance in an All Star Game, you don’t call him a bust. Ok he could have done better if he gave more effort but that still doesn’t discredit the great things he achieved in his career.

2) Jonathan Bender

The guy had talent but spent most of his career in the injured list so he couldn’t really develop the way he should have. We must remember that this guy came out of high school and it takes time for them to develop. The Amares and Lebrons who were able to contribute right are very rare. Bender’s injuries just made the situation even worse. In this sense maybe you can call him a bust but for me a real bust is someone who had the opportunity to develop at the right pace but did not.

3) Joe Smith

The only way I consider this guy a bust is the fact that guys like Rasheed, Stackhouse and Garnett were taken after him. But Joe Smith is a steady veteran who’s had a solid career. he should have been taken a bit lower in the draft but still deserves to be up there in that draft class. Still, he’s not the type of 1st overall pick bust that Olowokandi or Kwame Brown is. Give Joe some credit here.

Now that the draft is near, I hope teams won’t make that fatal mistake of drafting out of need alone or they’ll end up like what happened to the Raptors when they got Rafael Araujo or like the Blazers when they took Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan back in ‘84.

How do you guys like the Bust picture? Made it in paint hehe


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