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Dwyane Wade, Dwight Howard, or is it Shaq?

by james on December 29th, 2007

NBA Obsessed takes you into the hit and run game of NBA Basketball.

The long and short of it

Dwyane Wade had 48 points. Unbelievable!

Dwight Howard had 29 points and 20 rebounds. Amazing!

The Magic won the game over the Heat 121 to 114.

But here is my story for the game. Shaq sat out the game. And so it begins.

Is there another player in the league that can create so much impact in a single game? The Shaq is still the Shaq. How you defend him determines how you will play the Heat. Do you double all the time? That leaves someone open on the perimeter or maybe Haslem is open. Do you double him after he begins to dribble? That often means the double is too late creating all kinds of havoc.

Wait you say, the game was the story, not Shaq? Oh, it was a fantastic game.

“It’s a little demoralizing to play my most complete game yet and to really have a feeling that we were going to win this ballgame,” Wade said. “To lose it in overtime, it hurts.”

Van Gundy ordered the Magic to trap Wade constantly in overtime, and it worked. Wade didn’t get a shot off in the extra 5 minutes.

“You can tell Pat and Dwyane, right off the bat next game, we’re trapping him the minute he walks out of the locker room,” Van Gundy said.

He was laughing when he said that.

The Heat found nothing worth laughing about. source

Yeah, Dwyane Wade and Dwight Howard may compete with Kevin Garnett for the MVP, but Shaq needs his rest. Hey, the sleeping bear will wake from hibernation in time for the playoffs and don’t tell me you don’t fear the Shaq.

Shaq better be careful with his middle of the season nap this year. Miami is in dead last of the Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference. Shaq may actually have to play most of the season to get Miami into the playoffs.

Shaq has managed to sit large amounts of recent regular seasons as he has aged. It takes a lot to carry around all that size, to put it politely.

Yes, Wade may toil, but he will have to keep Shaq awake if the Heat are to challenge this year!

NBA Basketball Fan Question Are the Heat cooked?

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