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Commissioner Stern Fed Up With Knicks Management

by Angelo on May 21st, 2006


You know it’s bad when NBA Commissioner David Stern himself is fed up with the way a franchise is being run. Stern tried to help by giving Knicks owner James Dolan some advise months ago but Dolan wouldn’t have any of it and even “erupted by questioning how anyone could second-guess his ability to run the Knicks.”

Here’s what I think. The Knicks is an incompetent franchise because the owner is an arrogant fool. If Dolan can’t take some helpful advice from Stern then he’s a close minded and arrogant and it’s no wonder why his franchise is the way it is. An organization reflects the values of it’s owner.

“He’s trying to get Dolan to make changes, but Dolan thinks Isiah is a genius. He’s the only person in the world who thinks that.”

Ok even I thought Isiah being the Knicks GM was a great thing to happen to the franchise. He transformed the team from being expensive and losing to expensive and quite competent. They even made the playoffs. They lost to the Nets in the first round but it’s a start, I thought. It’s probably a case of Thomas thinking short term or a case of Thomas overdoing it, but something bad happened along the way. It changed from expensive and losing to expensive and quite competent to expensive, “star” studded and losing more than ever. When your rookies are the bright light of the season, that says something bad about the team. So the point is, with this season’s embarrasing season, there must be a flaw in the composition of the roster, and that’s something you blame Thomas. Coach Brown deserves a lot of the blame but Thomas shouldn’t go off the hook too. If Dolan thinks Thomas is still the genius he’s being way too naive and even too arrogant to realize the truth.

Stern has all the right to be pissed. He is, afterall. the commisssioner. He has to give a damn when it involves the mediocrity of the NBA franchise of New York City and one of the most celebrated arenas ever, Madison Square Garden!

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